There is nothing more calming than getting away from that urban environment, workplace, hectic home or lifestyle and experiencing what is missing from our everyday existence. The chance to spend an 'out of this world' weekend in natural ancient woodland is enhanced by the opportunity to learn a new skill or craft.

At Beyond Bushcraft we don't offer survival skills, we look at what comes next. Once you have lit your fire, built your shelter and sourced your food/water, we step in and show you how to make life comfortable. Our weekend and bespoke courses can show you how to make your own warm accessories from skins, cook up feasts, weave baskets for gathering berries and create your own natural soaps, why give up on those creature comforts that make life a pleasant experience?

Obviously we don't expect you to rough it. We understand that a good night's sleep and time to relax is essential to optimise learning. We also want you to get the best from a weekend in the wilds so the opportunity to explore and feel the benefit is incorporated in to the schedule. In the wilds of West Dorset overlooking the Jurassic Coast, enjoy our beautiful bell tent accommodation, delicious campfire food and luxury compost toilets on the ultimate weekend away.

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