Silver Birch - Traditional Hand Tools

£95 per person inc. lunch

Silver Birch - Traditional Hand Tools

Feel empowered and strong after spending the day crafting beautiful items from wood that you have felled, prepared, carved and finished all by yourself. Learn how to use the traditional tools and techniques to develop a skill that is highly addictive. Lunch will be provided to keep your energy up.

Arrive 9am, finish 5pm

The day starts at 9am with an introduction to the beautiful tools that will be your best friend for the whole weekend. If this doesn’t get the blood pumping then we can kick start your interest by selecting our wood and planning what we want to make. You can be adventurous in choosing your project as you have the whole day stretching ahead of you to work on it.

The aim is to finish your project by the end of the day but never fear if you have taken your time. A selection of tools will be available to purchase at the end of the day so you can carry on with your newly developed skills at home.

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