Elder - Woodland and Hedgerow Forage

£95 per person per day

Elder - Woodland and Hedgerow Forage

A day of exploring the countryside whilst accumulating an extensive knowledge of the edible and not so edible plants that grow in this country. We plan to inundate your brain so it bulges with amazing facts and delicious recipes.

Arrive 9am, finish 5pm

The day starts with gentle limbering up for our walk which will take us through several miles of Dorset countryside. En route we will stop frequently to look at, sniff, rub and taste, various native plants and discuss their uses. Lunch is provided and will be enjoyed at an outdoor location. Each course takes place at a drastically different time of year therefore the subject matter covered will be different.

Each course costs £95 per person per day. As a special deal, book both the Spring and the Autumn Forage at the same time for £175.

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