Forest School CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

How many Forest school practitioners love the ethos and energy and activity of forest school but don't take the time to extend their skill set or share ideas for use in the forest school setting? With years of relevant experience from both Forest School and bushcraft roles, these CPD days are aimed at practitioners who wish to get new ideas and extend their skill set. From a school teacher role to the freelance practitioner, all are welcome to learn and share skills revolving around a theme for each date. The discounted rates make the day affordable for those who need to book supply cover or postpone a workday. We aim to provide top notch CPD for a reasonable rate to get your synapses buzzing with fresh ideas and extended skills. As a practicing Forest School practitioner with years of experience and a bank of instructors with similar levels of experience, Beyond Bushcraft can offer quality continuing professional development from experienced professional instructors.

Making the most of your campfire

£50 per person

With a focus on the many cooking activities that can be done with groups of children, this day will include fire safety and styles of fire, bread, marshmallows, savouries and sweets. Not to mention a variety of cooking equipment and its multiple uses.

From Tree to Tinder, how to utilise fire.

£50 per person

Taking the science of fire back to a basic level, the course will go from identifying the trees and sourcing materials all the way through to lighting fires in the wet and exciting tricks for impressing children (safely, of course!)

Using hand tools for Forest School projects

£50 per person

A thorough understanding of a variety of hand tools that can be used in a Forest School setting from potato peelers through to knives and axes. Safety being a key focus, this course should give you confidence to run sessions using sharps that may have previously been assigned to the no pile.

Shelters or Dens? the practical assessment

£50 per person

From basic dens for a huge game of tag to shelters built so carefully that they will be totally waterproof, this course is excellent for taking your usual shelter session to the next level. We shall also look at shelter sessions that can take place out of the woodland environment, meaning everyone can utilise this excellent activity.

Hedgerows, friend or foe

£50 per person

Foraging for wild foods can be a major no no if you don’t have comprehensive knowledge of dangerous or poisonous plants. This session is designed to teach a handful of plants that you can encourage children to taste and discuss. It will also cover safety aspects, such as safety talks to children, look-a-like plants, stinging plants and other inedible dangerous plants that should be taught but avoided.

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