Hawthorn Part 1 - The Hedgerow First Aid Kit

£250 per person inc. catering & accommodation

Hawthorn Part 1 - The Hedgerow First Aid Kit

With a combination of a foraging course and a practical making course, this weekend covers an excellent introduction to the world of herbal medicine. Looking at some really common plants that have incredible uses, you will never look at those wild plants in the same way again.

Arrive Friday 7pm

The first evening is just a delicious dinner prepared by your instructors and a chance to get to know each other. We feel it is important to have time on arrival to unpack, explore and relax to get into the spirit so we will simply go through with you what’s happening over the weekend.

Saturday begins at 9am with donning your walking boots, gathering your foraging basket and setting out for a local walk to find, identify and collect several local plants with first aid uses. After staggering back to camp with your arms full of the hedgerow, the afternoon will be focusing on the many and best ways to use these plants for simple first aid.

On Sunday, the making occurs. With the materials gathered the previous day, you will look at poultices, teas, bindings, topical and edible applications. By the end of the weekend you will have things to take home and the knowledge to make more. However, this thirst will lead you to the Hawthorn Part 2, our advanced herbal medicine course.

Finish Sunday 4pm

This course and the Hawthorn Part 2 make an excellent combination. If you are new to this subject, we recommend doing both courses for a thorough understanding and we offer a combined price for the two.

£250 per person per course or both courses for £450.

Please bear in mind that these will have to be paid for at the same time.

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