Hazel - Making Ancient Hunting Tools

£250 per person inc. catering & accommodation

Hazel - Making Ancient Hunting Tools

Spend a tranquil weekend in the woods with primitive hammers, large lumps of rock and safety goggles. Once you have honed your techniques to a sharp edge, you will be shown how to turn your sharp edges into projectiles.

Arrive Friday 7pm

The first evening is just a delicious dinner prepared by your instructors and a chance to get to know each other. We feel it is important to have time on arrival to unpack, explore and relax to get into the spirit so we will simply go through with you what’s happening over the weekend.

Saturday begins at 9am when the first introductions to the stone are made and the science of knapping is clearly explained. The tools that will be used are the traditional hammer stones and antler hammers and demonstrations with these will occur. You will be given a lump of rock and a variety of tools and the wherewithal to produce some beautiful arrowheads.

Sunday is a continuation of the project started the previous day, but the focus will be on wood rather than stone. Basic bows and atlatls will be the goal, finishing with the chance to fire your hunting tools in our primitive shooting range.

Finish Sunday 4pm

This course costs £250 per person including catering and accommodation.

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